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Plant Guru

Plant Guru is the partnership between an editorial and digital piece. Each project is designed for a specific purpose, but together they change the relationship between house plants and their owners.

The Pursuit of Plants

The Pursuit of Plants is a monthly zine to reduce the sense of loss and stress of buying house plants, this zine focuses on different selections of house plants each month. This February zine focuses on house plants that need little amount of light to survive, which is perfect during the winter months when days are short. The zine is a simple guide to plant care, pros and cons of the suggested plants, and plant care hacks.

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Plant Guru: the app

This app’s mission is to ensure the survival of house plants and to help plant owners with the maintenance of their plants. This app is dedicated to new plant owners or plant owners who simply have a busy schedule. Paired with a chip that is placed in the soil of a houseplant, the chip is capable of reading the quantity of moisture in the soil and measures the quantity of sunlight the plant is receiving, which then sends the data to Plant Guru. This intelligent app then configures this data into easily understood graphs and charts for the users.

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